New Password:

This interface enables students to change their password used to login to Student Service PCs. This password is also used to access email, use wireless hotspots and other services provided by the Student Service some of which are listed on the right hand bar.

If you have any problems with this interface or have any other account issues please contact ITS Helpdesk (x8888)

PLEASE NOTE: your password must:

  • be between 12 and 20 characters in length
  • contain uppercase characters
  • contain lowercase characters
  • contain some numerals
  • not contain any user properties (e.g. email address, account name, surname)
  • not contain an entire dictionary word of six or more characters (e.g. "badger")
  • not contain any special characters (e.g. /?|\!"£$%^&*-+=#~@:;<>.,)